1966 Lincoln Continental Sedan
Personal Land Yacht

Ongoing restoration of a classic Lincoln, not for showing, but for driving!


Additional Vehicle Details and Photos

Engine - 462 Cubic Inch V8, 340 horsepower
Length - 220.9" (18.4 feet)
Wheelbase - 126" (10.5 feet)
Width - 79.7" (6.6 feet)
Height - 55" (4.6 feet)
Weight - 5285 lbs
MPG - 10 - 12
Transmission - C6 Turbo Drive
1966 Sales: - 4 door sedans 38,989



How I found my Lincoln
Deciphering my 1966 VIN code
Restoration Process
   Tail Light Repair
   Restoration Cost
   Restoration Suppliers/Vendors
   The breakdown - whats been done to the car
   The breakdown - what needs to be done to the car
Pictures after Restoration (2003)

Additional Car Photos

Additional Vehicle Info


Other Stuff...

2000 Town Car Headlight Restoration

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